We all need a little TLC from time to time – even your car! Is it time for a service?

For the majority of people our vehicles are an object of necessity to get them from A to B not necessarily a luxury object that we dote upon. We don't always give them the TLC they deserve. We all know there’s nothing better and more desirable than taking a ride in your favourite car and for the majority of people their car holds a special place in their hearts… many even have a name!

 Car Service

As time passes by, your car gets exposed to the natural process of wear and tear and can start to fail little by little silently and unknown to you in the majority of cases so in order for your vehicle to hold its tip top performance you need to give it TLC and take it for servicing on a regular basis. I suppose it’s just like us, we take care of ourselves by exercise and healthy eating, your vehicle needs the same level of attention just in a different way.

No matter how attractive and glamorous your vehicle was in the beginning we are all guilty of taking them for granted after a certain period of time. You start missing out on those servicing sessions and your car bears the brunt of it. Remember the money you save on servicing may require you to pay a heavy price in the long run should the unforgivable happen and believe me it can happen!We had an instance recently where the owner of a Company badly neglected his van, it was a workhorse, travelling many miles in a week and more importantly missing out on the servicing that it required. The oil wasn’t changed regularly which over time allowed it to thicken, this eventually clogged up and blew the turbo and ruined his exhaust along with it. The repair bill for the van came out at a staggering £2400 which could easily have been avoided if it had been serviced on a regular basis….

Our servicing prices start from as little as £64.95 so please next time the light comes on your dashboard don’t ignore it – call us and if you only have the oil and filter changed you have taken the first step and have done something to keep your car in good health