We have teamed up with Peak Performance to supply a wide range of cutting-edge performance flushes. Today we are going to focus on the 3 top sellers, Pre-lube service, Diesel System service and Fuel System.
The Pre lube is specially designed to improve efficiency and engine life.
Peak Performance Pre lube is designed to dissolve gums, sludge, carbon and other power robbing contaminants, holding them in suspension until the dirty oil is drained. Compatible with both mineral and synthetic oils. Prelube is completely catalytic converter friendly. As a result of its superior piston ring freeing capability, Prelube will considerably improve and more importantly, stabilize compressions. Not only will this ‘chemical workshop tool’ quieten noisy hydraulic valve lifters, but due to it's unique ‘Vapour faze’ at working temperature, it will attack and remove deposits in oil galleries and upper cylinder areas. Whilst in use Peak Performance Prelube gives market leading lubrication protection during the full hot and cold engine temperature range.  Therefore is safe to use on all turbocharged vehicles. Peak Performance Prelube extends engine life, improves efficiency, keeps new oil cleaner and will reduce emissions caused by ‘Blow By’. For use with both petrol and diesel combustion engines.
Peak Performance diesel system service
This will also help provide the following benefits - Lowers fuel emissions, Extend injector life, Provide anti-wear protection, Promote engine cleanliness, Improve fuel stability and is specially designed to maintain and improve engine life. Peak Performance diesel system service is a complex blend of sophisticated chemicals designed and developed to provide outstanding cleaning performance. With the use of Peak Performance Diesel System Service, injectors are improved with a quick efficient and cost effective method to bring them within the parameters of the latest smoke emission regulation. Peak Performance diesel system service is recommended as a preventative maintenance treatment by simply adding to the fuel tank service intervals. Peak Performance diesel system service is particularly effective as a clean-up treatment prior to a M.O.T. by simply introducing the product into the fuel system via the fuel filter and running the engine at fast tick over until used. Smoke emissions have been reduced by an average of 80%
The fuel System flush
The product works in similar ways to the diesel flush by Lowering fuel emissions. It Cleans and frees  injector pintles.  Cleans and frees off sticking pistons in fuel distributor.  Emulsification of water/vapour in tank and system, Neutralization of harmful acids, Removal of tar and varnish deposits, Cleaning and lubrication of fuel pump, Neutralization of electrolytic action, Insulation of fuel system alloys, Catalytic convertor friendly Specially designed to reduce carbon build up to maintain & improve engine life.
Peak Performance Fuel System Service
Is a complex blend of sophisticated multifunctional chemicals, designed to maintain today’s high-tech fuel management systems in an ‘as new’ condition. Our product is formulated to work with the very latest fuels and is designed to work through the whole fuel system. When used as preventative maintenance it eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming line cleaning equipment.Peak Performance Fuel System Service’s unique formula, although a strong concentrate, will act gradually so as not to shock the system. It is recommended as a preventative product. When added to the fuel tank during service intervals it will cure numerous problems. These could be associated with fuel decay and fouling by treating the fuel in a less diluted mix.

Peak Performance also comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the product we will refund you no questions asked.