Do you have a spacesaver tyre?

Most modern cars today are fitted with a skinny spacesaver tyre.......... That’s good news because as long as you know how to change a wheel you can be on your journey in no time at all and it gives you more room in your bospacesaver1ot for luggage or shopping, but as I have found out recently, it’s not quite as simple as that…. I would think that the majority of us know that we are limited to 50 miles an hour with one fitted... But did you know that you that some of the spacesaver tyres are only good for 50miles too? So if you use it and then put it back into your boot you are potentially putting your life at risk? A recent survey I came across has shown that people are not aware of how to use a space saver correctly and the implications surrounding them.

Something else also came out of a recent conversation that I had was that on a motorway you could be tail gated by a number of motorists for driving to slow. Stuart Torevell has come up with an idea of a sticker that you can put on your car when your spacesaver is fitted to alert following motorists of why you are only going at 50mph, If you have to drive along the motorway it could be a daunting experience with something so close in your rear view mirror. I for one think that this is a great idea, and every car fitted with a space saver should have one in their boot ready to stick on when the tyre is fitted. I've included a little video for you to show the effects it can have, take a look here, its quite enlightening! The stickers can be purchased for as little as £2.95 each,Changing a tyre at the roadside is always a challenge, if you are unsure how to change a wheel then ask at reception and one of the mechanics will show you how to do. We do have women at the wheel courses which are readily available for you to come and learn, however we will always look after the men too. Our courses are there to give you independence whilst out on the road, and will show you other things too. The AA have a good article on how to change a tyre which is worth a read here From a legal perspective I still have to find out if you could be fined for going over 50mph with a spacesaver tyrefitted, I suspect you can and also would it be safe to have one fitted if you are towing a caravan for example……………. Hmmmmm lots of food for thought and more little more investigation over the internet I think!