A day in the life of a mechanic:-)

Remember when ‘mechanic’ was a dirty word? A mechanic would typically be portrayed with grease down their overalls, they used to fix cars with little or no explanation about the work they were carrying out and drank more cups of tea than they actually serviced vehicles.

TMG auto tectIn fact, times have moved on so much since the days of the ‘greasy mechanic’ that we don’t even call them mechanics anymore – they are technicians. Why? Because ‘mechanic’ just doesn’t do them justice any more. Vehicles have moved on at lightening pace over the last few years. Electrics have become more complicated, engines are more sophisticated and often, a simple toolkit just doesn’t suffice. Today, garages need diagnostic equipment and access to the latest technical training courses.

A mechanic can be anyone, certified or not. They often throw parts at a problem and hope it resolves an issue, whereas a technician is certified and utilises their training and extensive knowledge and experience to diagnose and pinpoint a problem, whether mechanical or electrical, ensuring that your vehicle remains safe on the road.

As a Trust My Garage member, we make sure our ‘technicians’ are trusted to work to high standards, we  use up-to-date technical information, techniques and tooling in every service, and achieve key industry standards set by the RMI. We’re transparent on our pricing and treat you as a valued customer, every time you visit.  We want to make sure that whenever you visit our garage, you receive a service so honest, professional and friendly that you keep coming back again and again for your services, general maintenance and repairs.

Below are five typical connotations of a mechanic and five genuine traits of technicians. Which one would you want looking after your vehicle?

Typically, a mechanic would:

  1. Throw multiple spare parts at a problem until they came up with a quick and easy fix – usually cheap “pattern” parts of dubious quality but high profit margin
  2. Have the opening line ‘I can fix it, but it’s going to cost you’, no matter what the problem was – usually accompanied by a sharp intake of breath!
  3. Have a shaved head, but don’t be fooled; this isn’t to keep up with the latest catwalk trend, but it’s quicker to wash the grease out like that
  4. Not have “nice” clothes, as everything on a mechanic is stained heavily with oil- much to the dismay of their washing machine and the customer’s car
  5. Measure time in cups of tea, and a mechanic can’t possibly start until the first cup has been drunk

An Automotive Technician….

  1. Has clean clothes most of  the time because they protect themselves and your car with  clean overalls, wing covers and seat covers – treating you and your car with respect
  2. Views “can you fix this?” as a fresh new challenge, rather than a question
  3. Identifies faults by using a logical process and sophisticated equipment supported by a significant investment in technical training and personal development – and explains in detail to you what the problems with your vehicle are before carrying out any work
  4. Is completely transparent about pricing and quotes for any work before they undertake it. Will always offer you a choice of genuine manufacturer parts or “matching quality” parts from a reputable supplier so any manufacturer’s warranty is unaffected
  5. Can be trusted to provide you with an honest and professional service, every time you visit

You can be guaranteed to have your work carried out by An Automotive Technician (POSH WORD FOR MECHANIC!) when you visit Guide Bridge MOT & Service Centre (The award winning garage in Tameside) book your service or repair by calling Nicola on 0161 635 0356

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