Car Care is important

The most important three ‘P’s of car care!

Car care is important but if truth be known none of us like to pay out any of our hard earned money for car repairs especially as Christmas isn’t too far away and we need our money, however car repairs are unfortunately an unavoidable part of owning a car and sometimes we have to bite the bullet and book the car into the garage.

First P = Preventative!

Regular preventative maintenance is a great way to save money on future repairs and to keep your car running smoothly. These are the basic things that need to be done that can't be ignored, like changing your oil, checking your tyre pressure, changing the windscreen wipers, making sure your battery and terminals are clean and rotate your tyres on a regular basis. Read your owner’s manual for service schedules and suggested instructions on what should be changed and checked and when.

Second P = Prepared!

Ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top condition also means that you need to have it equipped with certain necessities so you will be better prepared if you encounter a problem while you're on the road. Make sure you always have the following things stored away just in case: A spare tyre, jack jump leads, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, a map (yes, the paper kind), a warm blanket, non-perishable food, water, and an ice scraper for those in cold climates. You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. ( although I do remember reading the joke that someone had taken all these on a bus!!)

Third P = Proactive!

We also suggest that our customers have a proactive mind-set towards their car care and this will prevent breakdowns and help reduce unexpected repair costs. Following your manual's instructions, have routine services to make sure your vehicle's vital systems are working properly. Early detection of a problem will result in big savings. Also, this means practicing certain season-specific car care habits before the weather turns, like making sure your battery is ready for those winter temperatures is something to think about as we approach winter!Regular servicing has to be a priority and this is the one thing that many car owners today are skipping – recent research with a national chain revealed that a fifth (20%) of car owners are failing to service their vehicles on a regular basis and almost half (45%) of those who neglected their car servicing said that they would be spending more as a result of the delays which will put a dent into any savings.

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Here at Guide Bridge MOT & Service we are able to spread the cost of your car maintenance in a number of ways, we have service plans starting from as little as £16.99 a month and we do offer a ‘Repair now – pay later’ scheme where the cost of vehicle maintenance and repairs can be spread over 4 months – phone our reception on 0161 339 5354 to ask for more details.